• Kate:  Bass Machine Operator.  Lost her filter on Route 66.
  • Sabina:  Hits stuff with sticks.  Wants to be a cat when she grows up. 
  • Marcy:  Vox, skins, strings.  Damnit, she does everything.
  • Krystin:  Axe shredder from the planet Mermaidia.

Hostile:  adjective  \ˈhäs-təl, -ˌtī(-ə)l\;  unpleasant or harsh

Makeover:  noun  \ˈmāk-ˌō-vər\; the act or process of making changes to improve the appearance or effectiveness of someone or something

Hostile Makeover:  4 lady musicians in Seattle whose many talents include rocking the hell out of everything they touch.